Looking to host a fancy dress get-together, but don’t want it to be just like every other party? These creative ideas will make your fancy dress theme party even more fun!

1. Nostalgic Television Characters

summer ball fancy dress hollywood bournemouthBring back the memories of your childhood years by dressing like a television character from your youth – it’s a great conversation starter and makes for a memorable party.

2. Song Titles

This can be a challenging one, but it encourages everyone to be creative. You must dress up as a song title, whether it is “Life on Mars” (an alien costume), an “Umbrella”, “Barbie Girl” or “Lady in Red”.

3. Emergency Room Party

The costumes for this party can be quite gruesome and creative – whether you want to be a nurse, surgeon or victim with wounds bleeding fake blood. Think of the most elaborate and strangest injury you can imagine – then make up an entertaining backstory for it which will get the conversation flowing.

4. Dead Celebrities

All in One Family Size Zombie KitThis is a fun theme and it involves dressing like your favourite deceased celebrity. If you want to give things a scary twist for Halloween, you can add zombie makeup and fake blood to create a Zombie Dead Celebrity party.

5. The Bad Taste Party

For this party, dress up in the worst, most unflattering and ridiculous clothing you can find. Thrift shops are a great place to look, as well as cheap shops and perhaps even some of your own fashion blunders.

6. Dress as Something You Hate

This theme is quite open and it gives guests the opportunity to be very creative with their costume choices!

7. Drunk Babies

Inspired by the drunk baby meme that has gone viral, why not have a baby party where you wear onesies, cuddle teddy bears and accessorise with bottles and dummies?

8. Rubik’s Cube Party

This is a really fun party that gets everyone interacting in a playful way. Everyone has to wear an outfit that has at least one piece of clothing for each of the six colours on a Rubik’s Cube- such as blue socks, red trousers, a yellow shirt, etc. When you are at the party, your goal is to swap with others and end up wearing all one colour.

9. Graffiti Party

This style of party can make for a lot of laughs and it is very simple and cheap to organise. The guests should wear all white (you can buy plain white t-shirts cheaply) and you supply the fabric markers, glitter and fabric paint. Everyone decorates each other’s clothes with graffiti – writing messages and drawing designs.

10. What Will You Be 10 Years From Now

This can be a fun and creative theme as well, whether you reveal your secret ambition or do something silly or tragic.

These are 10 fun and somewhat silly ideas that you can use to turn your fancy dress party into a unique and creative event.