TetrisNow everybody knows the classic arcade game of Tetris. It was a huge hit in the 80’s thanks to Gameboy. Well now they are turning it into a silver screen movie!... No, we’re not quite sure why either!

Tetris Movie

Initially announced last year, the project has now amassed an $80 million budget! It will be a China-U.S co-produced movie made under Threshold Global Studios. The product of a team-up between Kasanoff’s Threshold Entertainment Group and Wu’s Seven Star Works, it will develop and finance film projects for the global market and will release inaugural effort Tetris The Movie in China. The film is rumoured to be the first of a trilogy!

Now the name Kasanoff might sound familiar to you. This would be because he directed what is arguably one of the worst movies or all time... Foodfight!  Yes, I’m talking about that horrendous CGI animation with Charlie Sheen voicing a weird looking Indiana Jones style dog. Let’s hope this was a lesson for him because I don’t think we could stand our beloved Tetris being brutalised like this!

The movie is set to start filming next year in China amoung other locations and the cast will be primarily Chinese. It has been billed as a sci-fi thriller so it will be intriguing to see what spin they have put on the game to bring it to life! We will have to keep our eyes peeled for more information as filming begins. So far the story line is yet to be unveiled to the public.

2016 will see some pretty epic games being transformed into movies including addictive smash hit Angry Birds and Warcraft based on the long running, huge scale online game World of Warcraft. Assassin’s Creed has just released a trailer for their upcoming release in December and it’s looking very impressive! We seem to be in the era of the re-make so we hope that these movies will live up to their expectations and bring us something fresh. Only time will tell how these and Tetris perform!