Thanksgiving. It began as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year, which is celebrated in Canada, the USA, some of the Caribbean islands and Liberia. These countries all celebrate it on a different date but the traditions are all pretty much the same.


What is Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a National holiday celebrated in the above countries, and they have many different ways they celebrate it; fireworks, parades, events and of course, turkey dinner.

Now we in the UK don’t celebrate this holiday but we welcome the people who do. It’s one of those Holidays that even though we don’t celebrate it, we’re eager to get in on the excitement. Any excuse to party!

How to celebrate - Thanksgiving!

There are many different ways to celebrate, but we at Hollywood are here to narrow down some ideas for you, we like to help!

Firstly, the events people usually have for Thanksgiving is given a theme, whether it is closer to the theme of the day itself or even just a random fancy dress party. Either way, Hollywood has you covered for both options.

Thanksgiving theme, why not dress as the turkey everyone craves so much?


Everyone will want to gobble you up in this hilarious turkey costume, even if you’re holding up your “Eat beef” sign. Stay away from the pilgrims!


I told you to stay away from the pilgrims! Oh well, you can still look amazing dressed as a cooked turkey too.

Or if the theme if random fancy dress, then we have multiple choices for you to choose from. We have superheroes, animals, cavemen, Disney, Star wars, eras and many more!

The night sky arrived to put an end to your evening… I think not! Light up your night sky with some fantastic fireworks and keep the party going for the rest of the night!

These rockets are brilliant to watch shoot up into the sky and explode into beautiful and colourful stars, perfect for Thanksgiving.

It’s a day to be thankful and we at Hollywood hope you all have a great day!

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