Bournemouth’s premier aeronautical extravaganza is back! What is this, I hear you ask? Why, the Bournemouth Air Festival of course!

What better way to celebrate the return of the Red Arrows zipping about over head on Thursday, Friday and Saturday than heading to Hollywood to check out our amazing Royal Air Force costumes. Alternatively, be a real Maverick with our Top Gun flight suits that come with aviator shades and dogtag included, for that truly authentic


If you don’t have a wingman to watch your back, why not celebrate our Royal Air Force in a more traditional way with our Union Jack flags, hats and face paints.

Remember, the festivities aren’t just happening in the air over this weekend. Why not show your flying spirit around town, and don’t forget to check out the amazing aircraft in Bournemouthtown centre!

Have a great time this weekend everyone, and enjoy the show!