Time to don your frocks and pull up your pantaloons - the Russell-Cotes Gallery is hosting its first ever Masked Evening Salon on October 19th! The event celebrates the return of Albert Moore's fantastic Midsummer from its two year international tour, and the Master of Ceremonies is none other than Bournemouth's 2012 Slam Poetry Champion: Steve Biddle himself!

This is sure to be a night to remember, so you'd best look the part! Dress code for the ball is made clear on the event website: Evening/Black Tie/Masks and fans/Victorian/Edwardian/Steam Punk/Burlesque only! Lucky for you, we here at Hollywood have just the thing.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that every man in possession of a top hat must be in want of a pipe. Or perhaps he would prefer the entire Victorian Detective ensemble? If obeying the law is not to your liking, then perhaps you'd take greater pleasure in slitting throats with this Sweeney Todd costume and kit? And if ole' Sweeney's too tame for you, this Jack the Ripper outfit may do the trick!

If you're looking for a more industrious look, then I insist you peruse our new Steam Punk range. There's plenty to choose from: mysterious minxes may be interested in the Victorian Vampiress outfit, whereas some of the more dapper gents may prefer the Victorian Vampire Costume.

We also have all the accessories you'll need. Be sure to check out our venetian masks, and the full range of Victorian, Steam Punk and Burlesque costumes we have in stock!

If you're looking for more than what you see here, then please do come to one of your three stores, or visit our website and save yourself a few shillings. Remember, Halloween is coming up fast, and it's our busiest time of the year, so get in now before everything starts flying off the shelves!