High School can be an absolute nightmare, can’t it? Well, whether your high school experience is/was good or bad, just be grateful you didn’t go to school with this lot! Making its comeback to Hollywood this Halloween, it’s the pupils and staff of Horror High School! And this year, they’ve got some new additions to the faculty…

NEW to the collection this year is the Zombie Lollipop Lady, complete with a tire-mark effect. Perfect for those with a darker sense of humour! It even comes with the trademark lollipop!

[caption id="attachment_351" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Three cheers for brains!"][/caption]

Returning to cheer on High School Horror is the High School Horror Cheerleader, who, despite being dead and devoid of life, still manages to show some team spirit! And who is she cheering on? The High School Horror American Footballer of course, who together make an awesome his and hers Halloween costume! You could reenact Lollipop Chainsaw with this ensemble!

To see the full collection of this year’s High School Horror, check out our website or pop into one of our three stores! Remember, Halloween can get busy so make sure you get yours now, before school's out!