Roll up, roll up! A circus has come to Hollywood this Halloween, but not all is what it seems… The clowns are anything but jolly, the ringmaster has a devilish look about him, and the ventriloquist dummy seems to have a life of its own! There’s only one circus we at Hollywood would know to be as deadly as this: Cirque Sinister!

[caption id="attachment_355" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="This puppet doesn't need any strings to hold him up..."][/caption]

Wipe the happy looks off everyone’s faces with our Cut Throat Clown and Sinister Pierrot Costume; you wouldn’t dare crack a smile when they’re around! And watch your back for the bloodthirsty Ventriloquist Dummy Costume, as we still don’t know what happened to the ventriloquist… And who you ask, would be allowing a circus like this to run riot? NEW to the collection this Halloween, Cirque Sinister’s Sinful Ringmaster! But don’t be fooled by her lovely appearance. After all, her name is Sinful...

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