Southampton LOVE giving the public something to remember and with 2012 being the biggest year that England has seen in a LONG time, they’re grabbing this opportunity with both hands. The Olympic Torch, whilst on its journey towards the Olympic Stadium in London, will pass through Southampton! Being carried by charity volunteers, bank workers and worthy names, the Torch will be passing RIGHT OUTSIDE our Queensway shop!! With the success of Bournemouth’s visit, we are just SO excited!

We just can’t seem to get enough of all of our AMAZING Union Jack Gear! We have TONS of Union Jack waving flags left for you to wave whilst the Torch passes, so DON'T MISS OUT!

Union Jack Waving Flag Hollywood Fancy DressInflatable Olympic Torch Hollywood Party Centre

This one is going in the HISTORY books, so if you have a need for some incredibly priced Union and Olympic Goodies then visit the Hollywood Team at 31-37 Queensway!! You might even be able to snap a picture up with Lenny The Lobster, our FANTASTIC MASCOT!! We can’t get enough of this amazing year for England, so we think you should get into the spirit too!

See you soon, everybody, and HAPPY CELEBRATING!

The Hollywood Team