What could be more enchanting than Egypt and it's tomb? When it comes to the mysterious and inspiring, the stories of Egypt win it every time.

Egypt has one of the longest histories of any modern country, emerging as one of the world's first nation states in the tenth millennium BC. That’s why it’s so fascinating!

If the theme of any fancy dress occasion is Egypt, then you should be very excited because you have so many amazing options to choose from. Cleopatra, the pharaoh, the Anubis, a Mummy, Tutankhamen, many different Goddesses and more! That’s a lot of creative ideas and something we at Hollywood can help you out with.


What to wear - straight for the Tomb!

Do you remember that list of ideas I mentioned before? We have those in store in for you and the costumes are amazing! Let us show you.


Here we have the beautiful Goddess Nefertiti who was a beloved Queen of Ancient Egypt and one of the most memorable Queens ever, along with Cleopatra.


Speaking of Cleopatra, we have this gorgeous dress which gives her a much darker look than the original Cleo, but that’s what makes it so special and beautiful to see.

Another gorgeous dress is Bastet the cat Goddess. A cat goddess, you ask? Believe or not, Egyptians worshiped cats a great deal in Ancient Egypt, which is why Bastet was such a big deal.

Next we have the feared Anubis, who looks very angry to see you! Spark fear into your friends eyes at you dress as one of the most feared creatures in Egypt.

Last but certainly not least (trust us!) we have this beautiful Goddess costume which gives you colourful wings as well as a bright red dress, you will steal the show.

Hollywood are proud to help find the perfect Tomb of Doom outfit for any occasion. Be enchanting today!