Halloween is nearing and it's time to start thinking about your costumes! Here's a handy top 10 to take the headache out of choosing something that's just right for you!

  1. Phantom Of The Opera

Steal her heart in this classic phantom of the opera inspired costume. The deep red shirt is beautifully detailed with black filigree and an attached cravat. Also included in this sophisticated Halloween costume is the metallic mask and artificial rose to help you seduce the ladies.

  1. Grim Reaper

The grim reaper is always a huge hit as its simple, it’s bold and it’s a bargain. The classic black robe can be dressed up or down for any style you’re comfortable with. For the guys who like to keep it simple, just add a scythe and you’re away! If you like to go all out with your Halloween costume, jazz up your reaper with ghoulish face paints and skeleton gloves to complete your look.

  1. Ringmaster

Tame even the fiercest felines in the sinister ringmaster costume. This twisted costume comes complete with top hat and tails, attached shirt and waistcoat and of course, that creepy face mask too! Complete your look with a bull whip and some white gloves for the ultimate smart, yet scary Halloween costume.

  1. Chucky

Wanna Play?! Chucky from Child’s Play has haunted our nightmares from the moment it was released in 1988. Transform into the terrifying puppet this Halloween with our costume that comes complete with a stripy top, dungarees and the scary mask!

  1. Jason Voorhees

Be a true horror legend this year as Jason Voorhees! If you want to ooze fear head to toe, grab one of our official Friday 13th costumes or to keep it simple we even have costume kits. From a plain hockey mask to a full deluxe latex headpiece, we have everything you’ll need!

  1. Devil

Be devilishly handsome this Halloween in one of our dashing devil costumes. We have some superb costumes including a full devil mascot or if you’re after something scarier, try one of our more satanic looking devil costumes! Complete your look with one of our devil make-up kits with stick on horns or one of our fantastic horror masks!

  1. Scream Ghost

Another classic horror film everyone loves is Scream. If there is one thing you can guarantee seeing year in year out in October, it’s that white ghost face with its silly grin. Grab yourself a hooded black robe and you’re away, or come and get yourself a complete official costume, including the collector’s edition! If you just want an individual mask we have plenty to choose from including the bleeding face mask.

  1. Werewolf

Transform by the light of the moon as teeth and fur tear through to reveale your inner beast this Halloween! From half turned manimals to full fur wolves, we have everything you need. We also have a huge range of masks and make-ups to create your own gruesome werewolf look.

  1. Skeleton

We’ve all dressed as a skeleton at some point for Halloween, but why not consider a re-visit to the most common Halloween costume? There is no end to the styles of skeleton fancy dress available. We have foam padded jumpsuits, glow in the dark skin suits, winged skeleton reapers and even a skeleton with a rather large inflatable appendage! Breathe some new life into a bony classic.

  1. Scary Clown

Hands up who’s scared of clowns?! With the fear so wide spread and even more people who just simply do not like them, clowns make for the best Halloween costumes. They don’t even have to be gory or twisted, sometimes the more cheerful, the more terrified people are! We have a huge range of horror clowns available including the most famous of them all, Pennywise form Steven King’s IT!