Who's looking forward to Halloween? If you are a gent and you are looking for the perfect spooky outfit then look no further! Check out our Top Ten men's spooky outfits!


Top 10 Men's Halloween Costumes:

10: Senor Bones


This costume consists of a distinctive black-and-white Mexican jacket, a matching black mock-shirt and – naturally – a sombrero style hat to round the look off. It's ideal for anyone that loves a good Day of the Dead themed party! Make this Halloween your favourite one yet!

9: Witch Doctor

This brilliant Witch Doctor Costume is a must-have for any gent looking to cause a magical chaos! This spooky outfit comes complete with a Black, Long Sleeved Jacket, Mock T-Shirt, Top Hat with Bone Detail, Necklace and Skeleton Print Gloves to finish off the look.

8: Ghost Town Indian


 This Indian costume represents one of the former, garbed in washed-out spectral grey. It comes with grey trousers with an eagle design in black, along with a headpiece with black-tipped white feathers. With this costume, you’ll be able to amaze and horrify all of your fellow revelers at the next Halloween party. If you’re looking for men’s Indian costumes, you’ll find few spookier than this one.

7: Screamer Ghost

Halloween ghosts have been around for what feels like forever. Toward the traditional end of the spectrum lies this sort of costume – a costume which straddles the barrier between ghostliness and a number of other spooky, supernatural spheres. It comes with a long black gown with jagged sleeves and a hood, and so looks a little bit like the grim reaper, we feel.

6: Zombie Pirate T-Shirt

This scary Zombie Pirate T-Shirt is perfect for any man looking to dress as a living-dead Pirate! This spooky T-Shirt is Green with Sublimation Print and Blood Stains. Command your dead fleet with this must-have for Halloween!

5: Zombie Souwester


You can become a zombie sou’wester with this amazing zombie fancy dress costume. It’s one of a few fisherman costumes we stock for Halloween. It includes a long, tatty yellow overcoat, complete with a series of bloodstains – shaped like the gore-covered handprints of the shambling zombie hordes. The costume also comes, naturally, with the iconic yellow sou’wester hat made famous by fisherman across the world. This particular outfit includes a hook for the hand, which lends the costume a classic piratey vibe.

4: Skeleton Jumpsuit

This fantastic body tight skeleton Halloween costume comes with a black body tight jumpsuit with white skeleton bone print and a matching hood and gloves. The ideal costume for any man heading to a Halloween fancy dress party.

3: Zombie Dwarf


This zombie dwarf costume is ideal for any fairy-tale inspired party this Halloween! It consists of a red top with a ragged waistcoat and orange trousers – and, to finish the zombie look, a terrifying, gory mask. If you should have the good fortune to be very short, then this costume will work all the better – but it’s by no means a requirement.

2: Grim Reaper

This fantastic grim reaper halloween costume comes with a long black robe with attached hood, white skeleton mask and cord belt. The ideal costume for any man heading to a Halloween fancy dress party.

1: Zombie Wrestler


If you’d like to be this most formidable variety of zombie this Halloween, then look no further than this fantastic zombie wrestler attire. It’s ideal for any man looking to make a big entrance this Halloween as a zombie pro. The costume consists of a blue, ripped bodysuit, a latex half-face mask, and even the leg and arm cuffs so beloved of professional wrestlers.

So make sure you are prepared for Halloween and choose your perfect horror outfit!