The day of love is nearly upon us, have you got anything special for your valentine yet?Valentine's

What is Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day is an annual celebration of love that takes place on 14th February. It is an entire day set aside for us to show appreciation for that special someone in our lives. Flowers will be sent from secret admirers, cards filled with romantic poems and beautiful gifts exchanged between partners.

The origins of Valentine's Day are largely unknown as there were many Saints named Valentine, but none with a connection to romance. The closest link that can be made is to a St Valentine who was a Roman priest, martyred on February 14th of the year 270 CE. The connection to love was thought to have been made much later by English writer, Geoffrey Chaucer with his poem “Valentines” written in the 14th Century. Whatever the connection, the 14th February has been celebrated for centuries across the world with feasts and rituals relating to love and romance.

What Do People Do?

Nowadays couples tend to celebrate Valentine's Day more privately so that all attention can be concentrated on your loved one. Many people like to have romantic meals in fancy restaurants as a little indulgence for this special occasion. Some people like to see a movie in the cinema together as their Valentine’s date, this year you can see the Fifty Shades of Grey books brought to life on the big screen as a saucy treat! Couple’s retreats and romantic weekend breaks are also very popular. For those without a partner many bars and restaurants hold matchmaking events like speed dating to help people to meet potential dates.Valentines

With so much love in the air on Valentine's Day, it makes it a wonderful opportunity for big romantic gestures such as marriage proposals or even the wedding itself. There will certainly be no shortage of heart shaped gifts to give the happy couple!

What to Give?

Valentine's cards are a great way of sharing your feelings for your loved ones and come in all different shapes, sizes and designs so that there is something for everyone, no matter their taste. With so many people giving and receiving them, it makes it the second largest card giving occasion after Christmas!

But it’s not just cards that change hands on the 14th February. Flowers, typically roses are a big symbol of Valentine's Day and make excellent gifts. Due to having a wide variety of colours available you can choose how you want your rose to be perceived. White is commonly an indication of friendship, a good first date flower as you’re making no overly grand gestures. Pink is best for new romance and red is to show they are a gift of love. Chocolates are one of the most common Valentine's gifts, often made into little love heart shapes or to spell out the word “Love” in keeping with the theme of the day. These are closely followed by gifts such as jewellery, cute stuffed animals, wine or champagne and, of course, balloons which make fantastic presents and are perfect Valentine's Dayfor making a statement.

For a lot of couples it’s an opportunity to spice up their love life so lingerie and other fun items make great gifts too. Why not show your partner your bedside manner in a sexy nurse outfit and get his pulse racing! There’s no better day than Valentine's to live out your fantasies, so go ahead and try something new this year.

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