All the staff here at Hollywood are TV and Film fanatics (hence the fantastic name) and our knowledge of different characters is unmatchable! The television has rocked up in many households over the world, and nearly 100 years since it became commercially available, television has brought us many wonders to our living room. TV and film is an incredibly popular theme for parties, and it allows a huge variety of characters. If you’re going to attend or you’re putting on a TV and Film themed night out, then allow us here at Hollywood to present you with some of the best costumes in the TV and Film theme that you’ll find. Wax on, wax off with The Karate Kid, a hugely popular film in the 80s and remade in 2010! Save the world as SuperTed, a teddy bear brought to life by cosmic dust in the popular 80s television series, or his best friend Spotty from the planet Spot! Whatever film you love, or whatever television series you’re obsessed with, you can dress up as your favourite character easily with our accessories and costumes! With nearly a century of programmes under it’s belt, TV has many available characters for you to be, and with over 100 years of producing motion pictures experience, film and cinema has grown and been loved by many in it’s time. Whatever your age, whatever your likes, everybody has a favourite character from TV or Film, so when you get the opportunity to dress up, come and take a look at our fantastic range at your local Hollywood store or online here!