Who's excited for SUBU's Summer Ball 2017! It's only a few weeks away now!! Make sure you are prepared for Saturday the 3rd of June 2017.


SUBU Summer Ball in nearly here - what are you wearing?

So you are planning on heading to Summer Ball but you don't know what to wear? Then look no further! We got some fabulous ideas that should help you out!


Baywatch is a big deal this year, especially with the new Baywatch movie just hitting cinemas now! This gorgeous ladies Deluxe Baywatch Lifeguard Costume is ideal for any lady looking to hit the shores as a sexy lifeguard! What with the new Baywatch (2017) movie now's the perfect time for a Red and Yellow swimsuit reunion! This licensed outfit comes complete with a Red and Yellow High Rise Swimsuit, Shorts, Crop Jacket and Red Whistle to finish off the look. So if you are a lady this is a great option for you!



Are you after something simple but fun? Then head down the Oktoberfest route!! This brilliant Bavarian Man Costume comes with a brown lederhosen with braces, top and hat. Channel the cheeky Bavarian in this amazing lederhosen costume. A party starter every time!


Emergency Services

The emergency services route is always a good one! From Doctors to Nurses, Firemen to Sailors and Cops and Robbers - it's definitely one of the funnest and most creative themes we offer!

Why not be a rebel with this gorgeous 'Fever Convict Queen' outfit! It's is a must-have for any lady looking to dress as a prisoner of love! This sexy outfit comes complete with a Zip-Up Orange Playsuit with 'Most Wanted' print and matching Belt to finish off the look.

Stone Age

Why not head back to the Stone Age this year? This brilliant men's Caveman costume includes a leopard print tunic, headband, armband and belt to finish off the look!

TV & Film

That's right the TV and cinema offers us a massive choice of themes and ideas! Check out this super popular inflatable T-Rex costume! It will definitely get you noticed! Stomp about like you own the planet! Dodge extinction inside this inflatable suit and make every other earthly creature quake. If they don’t run a mile they’ll probably trip over your extra-long tail as they dive into the undergrowth. This hilarious outfit comes complete with a deluxe inflatable, giant bodysuit costume.


So pop into one of our three stores now or go online at: WWW.HOLLYWOOD.UK.COM to get your perfect outfit!