SUBU Summer BallSummer Ball is one of the biggest fancy dress events in Bournemouth and the very best on the student calendar. When it comes to what to wear, trust Hollywood Fancy Dress to sort you out with the best costumes and accessories on the coast!

Summer Ball

From Saturday 11th June to the early hours of Sunday 12th, the students of Bournemouth will be partying harder than they have ever partied before! Will you be joining them? If the answer is yes then you need to check out what we have in store for you for 2016!

What To Wear?

There have been a whole host of new lines release for 2016, so you can trust us to bring you the freshest fancy dress on the scene.

What To WearDo we have any Zoolander fans out there? With the release of the second movie this year, we couldn’t resist the stylish ensembles of Derek and Hansel. Practise your best pouts and poses lads! We even have the hansom Ron Burgundy costume from Anchorman, so “Don’t act like you’re not impressed.” Ladies can enjoy some new comical costumes too with Cher and Dionne from hit show Clueless. Sassy! Or how about something a little cuter with the adorable new Care bear dresses?

There will be no shortage of new hero costumes to choose from this year either! Batman vs. Superman costumes are in stock and ready to go including the stunning new Wonder Woman outfit. With his upcoming appearance in Captain America: Civil War, Ant Man is going to be the talk of the town so, naturally, we’ve got the costume right here for you! An all female cast for Ghostbusters has brought us a whole new range of costumes the ladies and plenty of old favourites for the guys, including the Stay Puff Marshmallow man! Everyone’s favourite heroine Katniss from the Hunger Games will also be available for the action girls amoung us.

With so much to choose from, you better start looking now! You can pre-order newly released items to secure your perfect summer ball costume today. As well as this great new range we’ll have all your old favourites and some surprises too so be sure to pop in to your nearest Hollywood branch or find us online at the link!