Good day good party people,

Now here's a question...

What's little, blue and loved by everyone?...The Smurfs obviously, (what were you thinking?) and this July 31st it’s time to get completely Smurfed! The Smurfs 2 hits box offices nationwide, and what better excuse to dress you or a little one as one of the well-loved characters. Whether you fancy channelling your girly side, well why not try our Smurfette dresses and costumes? Or perhaps you’re feeling wise, then find exactly what you’re after with our Papa Smurf costumes! No matter the budget or the taste, Hollywood can help you out.

Think that’s all Hollywood do? Smurfette about it! We’ve got Smurf hats, blue body and face paint, wigs, white beards, blue second skin suits and lots more! So come on down, or go online to find our full range, but hurry before Gargamel gets there first!!

See you soon!

Love Lenny the Lobster xxx