For all the little one's excited for this World Book Day, they are going to be even happier! It's actually the 20th anniversary of the event which means this year is extra special! To mark the momentous occasion we have decided to offer all of our loyal customers 10% off all children's costumes when you shop in-store! This discount is redeemable at all three of our stores! That's right Poole, Bournemouth and Southampton! If you have not received one of our unique vouchers then all you have to do is print off the voucher below and come into store! Failing that and you cannot print for whatever reason we have a magic word you can quote at the till whilst purchasing:- 'HOLLYFANCYBOOKDAY'. If you quote those words you will still receive 10% off!

World Book Day Voucher - Our special gift!



Now we have decided to extend this fabulous discount to the end of the year... that's right you can still get 10% off any children's costume until the 31st of December 2017. (Of course terms and conditions apply - which you can find located in all three stores). This means our little gift is something that can be used for School Curriculum days, Christmas and even Nativity plays!

Perhaps try Roald Dahl for World Book Day?

Now do you feel a little lost on what to dress your little one up in this world book day? Well here at Hollywood Fancy Dress imagination and inspiration is something we are never short of! Roald Dahl is not just an iconic children's author... he was a man that encouraged your own childhood! We have a brilliant range of Roald Dahl costumes! From Fantastic Mr Fox to Matilda, The Twits and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Teachers be aware that it is not just the children that get all the fun! Check out this adult's Willy Wonka.

Prefer the magical world of Wizards?

It's okay if you want something a little more magical than Roald Dahl... we also have outfits that will make even the most hard-core Hogwarts fan swoon! Is Harry Potter your little one's favourite hero or is Hermione the heroine? Well we have children's Blister Kits which include a Gryffindor Robe and the iconic magic wand, straight from Olivander's shop! Take a look at this Harry Potter costume - guaranteed to please wizards and muggles alike! And with the brand new 'Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them' movie released last year, Harry Potter is very much the 'in-thing'... once again!


Where's Wally - missing since 1987...

Another popular costume for World Book Day is 'Where's Wally'. This is probably because everyone owed a Where's Wally book because it was like the best fun EVER! The countless hours you spent trying to locate that stripy chap... ah, sweet childhood memories! Anyway we have Where's Wally outfits for boys, Where's Wenda for the girl's and even for the grown ups! We also have Wally's nemesis... Odlaw!!


So come on!! Pop into store now and come and spend that fantastic voucher we have gifted to yourself! We have PLENTY of outfits suitable for World Book Day including Marvel, DC, Dr Seuss and Disney outfits!!