For all the little one's excited for this World Book Day, here is some costume inspiration to help them decide what they're going to dress as for the day! Here at Hollywood Fancy Dress imagination and inspiration is something we are never short of!

It's the 21st anniversary of the event which is amazing! Still going strong and every year so many schools and students get involved to cherish their beloved book characters.

As this is the 21st year there’s been a World Book Day, children of all ages will again come together to appreciate reading. Very loudly and very happily. The main aim of World Book Day in the UK and Ireland is to encourage children to explore the pleasures of books and reading by providing them with the opportunity to have a book of their own.


Perhaps try Roald Dahl for World Book Day?

Roald Dahl is not just an iconic children's author... he was a man that encouraged your own childhood! We have a brilliant range of Roald Dahl costumes! From Fantastic Mr Fox to Matilda, The Twits and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Teachers be aware that it is not just the children that get all the fun! Check out this adult's Willy Wonka.

A heroine for the girls!

Now we have a heroine for the girl's: Matilda! This lovely outfit is perfect for any little one willing to bring Dahl's young hero to life! This fantastic costume comes complete with an iconic blue dress with book entitled 'great expectations' and a green newt. She is probably one of Dahl's most iconic female protagonists!


Anybody looking for a Big Friendly Giant?

That's right - we actually have a BFG outfit for children and it's amazing! This This iconic costume comes complete with a brown and white top, green trousers, ear headband and horn. It's a perfect choice for any little one that loved Disney's recent 'The BFG' movie which is of course based on Dahl's book.


Prefer the magical world of Wizards?

It's okay if you want something a little more magical than Roald Dahl... we also have outfits that will make even the most hard-core Hogwarts fan swoon! Is Harry Potter your little one's favourite hero or is Hermione the heroine? Well we have children's Blister Kits which include a Gryffindor Robe and the iconic magic wand, straight from Olivander's shop! Take a look at this Harry Potter costume - guaranteed to please wizards and muggles alike! And with the brand new 'Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them' movie released last year, Harry Potter is very much the 'in-thing'... once again!

harry world

Where's Wally - missing since 1987...

Another popular costume for World Book Day is 'Where's Wally'. This is probably because everyone owed a Where's Wally book because it was like the best fun EVER! The countless hours you spent trying to locate that stripy chap... ah, sweet childhood memories! Anyway we have Where's Wally outfits for boys, Where's Wenda for the girl's and even for the grown ups! We also have Wally's nemesis... Odlaw!!


So come on!! Pop into store now and browse the amazing characters we have available for you! We have PLENTY of outfits suitable for World Book Day including Marvel, DC, Dr Seuss and Disney outfits too!! You can't go wrong!

Visit The World Book Day website and register to get involved by clicking here.