Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Characters

Possibly Roald Dahl's best remembered and most loved book is Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. Inspired by from childhood memories, this enchanted book has been turned into 2 smash hit movies and still manages to sell millions of copies each year. The story follows Charlie, a young boy who along with the rest of the world is hunting for a Golden Ticket hidden in a Wonka chocolate bar. This ticket allows the finder to explore the magic at Willy Wonka's chocolate factory, never before seen to public eyes.


Now for the Costumes

The Winning Wonka Bar costume is a brilliantly designed tabard suitable for both boys and girls, and brand new for 2018!

There are only 5 golden tickets in the entire world

.So let's meet the other children who, along with Charlie, are lucky finders of the tickets. There's Verruca Salt, a spoilt little rich girl who gets everything she's ever wanted from her Daddy. Whilst inside the factory, Verruca pleads with her father for a golden goose, who soon decide she is nothing but a bad egg.

Then there's Violet Beauregard. Another snobby girl who loves to win, oh and she has annoying habit of always chewing gum. Until she chews a piece of gum made by Willy Wonka that is so full of flavour, it begins to turn her into a blueberry!


Finally we come onto Augustus Gloop. A little lump of a boy who has been spoilt with food his entire life, and it shows! Whilst trying to grab a taste of Wonka's unique chocolate river he falls in. Then sucked up a draining pipe and drenched entirely in melted chocolate!

And of course, the man of the hour, Mr Willy Wonka! This crazy inventor is adored buy people all over the world and has been portrayed on the big screen by 2 of this earth's greatest actors. This Willy Wonka costume will get you instantly recognized .

Do Not Delay

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