Everybody's favourite boy wizard has come to the rescue for the World Book Day! Harry Potter of course! Have you come to realize you have the most indecisive child ever? Then panic no longer, who doesn't want to be a Hogwarts student for the day?!


It's time to go on a magical adventure and what better World Book Day then the one that marks the occasion of it being the 20th anniversary! We have plenty of outfits and accessories that would make any Harry Potter fan... well ecstatic! The children aren't the only ones that get all the fun! Teachers and Teaching Assistants can also join in on the fun too!

Harry Potter - ultimate kid's choice!

Play it safe this world book day and dress your little one up as a Hogwarts student! Whether they want to be Harry, Ron or Hermione - it doesn't matter! The key is a Gryffindor robe and a wand to finish off the magical look! We do have a children's full Potter costume but we find a top-seller this time of year are the Harry Potter instant kit's! They come complete with a Gryffindor Robe, a wand that looks like it's fresh out of Olivander's shop and a pair circular glasses (optional to wear of course).


Don't be put off mum's, dad's and guardians! If your little one wants to be Hermione than this blister kit is still perfect for fulfilling their wish! Just don't wear the glasses... simple!

Professor who?

Now teachers I'm sure not only would your pupil's love you to dress up as a Hogwarts professor this World Book Day... they would immensely respect you! It doesn't take much! All you need is a Wizard Robe and a Wand to finish off the look. If you really want to impress why not grab yourself an old fashioned Witches' hat! This cloak is the foundation on which your look will be built on! Not only does it look like J.K Rowling herself designed it, it's even the right colours!


So come on Professor Mcgonagall! Get into store now and bag your perfect Hogwarts themed out! Please your little one this World Book Day with the safe option. Don't forget are gift off 10% off on any World Book Day costume in-store! Do you really need any more encouragement to shop?!27