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Halloween Novelties and Decorations

Here at Hollywood, we’ve got you covered when it comes to a costume whatever Hallowe’en party you plan on attending. But we can also help out if you want to host the party yourself – or even if you simply want some extra spooky decoration to your house to help you to get in the mood.

Most of the items on this site involve dressing up for the occasion. But as well as decorating yourself, it’s also necessary to decorate your house, garden, function room – or whatever venue you happen to have chosen to host your ghoulish gathering.

Among the items listed here are dripping gunge and gore for your windows – simply attach to the glass and detach when you’re done until next year. You’ll also find a variety of gorier decorations, including dismembered limbs, severed heads to dangle from the ceiling and hearts. And of course, no Hallowe’en would be complete without a few cobwebs and gigantic rubber spiders to unnerve your arachnophobic friends.

So if your house is looking a little spare, and it just doesn’t feel Hallowe’eny enough this year, then don’t despair – we’ve got exactly the items needed to turn your house into a creepy, haunted house of terror – if only for an evening!
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  1. Light Up Floating Witch Hats Light Up Floating Witch Hats New

    Light Up Floating Witch Hats

    £14.99 £18.99
  2. Creepy Cockroach Cloth Creepy Cockroach Cloth New

    Creepy Cockroach Cloth

    £9.99 £12.99
  3. Outdoor Giant Spider And Web Outdoor Giant Spider And Web New

    Outdoor Giant Spider And Web

    £34.99 £39.99
  4. Giant Outdoor Inflatable Spider Giant Outdoor Inflatable Spider New

    Giant Outdoor Inflatable Spider

    £99.99 £129.99
  5. Spider Skeleton Prop Spider Skeleton Prop New

    Spider Skeleton Prop

    £14.99 £19.99
  6. Spider Window Stickers Spider Window Stickers New

    Spider Window Stickers

    £4.99 £8.99
  7. Pumpkin Pinata Pumpkin Pinata New

    Pumpkin Pinata

    £13.99 £16.99
  8. Green Matt Fringe Shimmer Curtain Green Matt Fringe Shimmer Curtain New

    Green Matt Fringe Shimmer Curtain

    £5.99 £7.99
  9. Purple Shimmer Curtain Purple Shimmer Curtain New

    Purple Shimmer Curtain

    £5.99 £7.99
  10. Orange & Black Shimmer Curtain Orange & Black Shimmer Curtain New

    Orange & Black Shimmer Curtain

    £5.99 £7.99
  11. Ghost Face Scream Door Cover

    £3.99 £6.99
  12. Skull Prop Large

    £6.99 £9.99
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