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Hells Asylum Collection

To go insane is sometimes an appropriate response to reality – or, so wrote science-fiction novelist Philip K Dick. But going insane isn’t all it’s cracked up to be – since in doing so you might find your way into Hell’s Asylum. Our Hell’s Asylum Collection will have you contemplating your own sanity…well maybe!

If losing your reason wasn’t bad enough, you’ll have to contend also with the asylum’s other occupants, some of whom seem to be laboratory experiments gone horribly awry – man-sized rats and chimpanzees prowl the halls. Also housed here is the psychotic nympho – a creature who, according to every report, is a great deal more terrifying than her victims initially suppose.

As well as having to deal with this lot, one also must contend with the additional stress of having to deal with the staff – who, it must also be said, appear less than lucid. Among these are the reassuringly named Nurse Delirium and Dr D. Ranged. You can even find in residence the most notorious cenobite of them all, Pinhead – though be careful when mentioning that name aloud, as we’re told he simply hates it. And, frankly, we wouldn’t want to argue the point with him!

Take a look through this section – if you dare – and you’re sure to find something appropriately – well – mad, delightfully crackers in fact!
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  1. Mens Chernobyl Costume

    As low as £31.99 £35.99
  2. Nurse Horror Costume Nurse Horror Costume Sale

    Nurse Horror Costume

    As low as £20.00 £29.99
  3. Mutilated Skin T-Shirt Mutilated Skin T-Shirt Sale

    Mutilated Skin T-Shirt

    As low as £12.99 £26.99
  4. Hellraiser III Pinhead Costume

    As low as £64.99
  5. Biohazard Male Costume Biohazard Male Costume Sale

    Biohazard Male Costume

    As low as £19.99 £34.99
  6. Biohazard Female Costume Biohazard Female Costume Sale

    Biohazard Female Costume

    As low as £16.99 £29.99
  7. Nurse Delirium Costume Nurse Delirium Costume Sale

    Nurse Delirium Costume

    As low as £19.99 £36.99
  8. Snake Pit Straight Jacket Costume Snake Pit Straight Jacket Costume Sale

    Snake Pit Straight Jacket Costume

    As low as £29.99 £49.99
  9. Psychotic Nympho Costume

    As low as £29.99 £34.99
  10. Experiment Lab Rat Costume Experiment Lab Rat Costume Sale

    Experiment Lab Rat Costume

    As low as £29.99 £49.99
  11. Dr D Ranged Costume

    As low as £29.99 £49.99
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Items 1-12 of 15

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