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Horror Film Fancy Dress

Since Nosferatu first terrified audiences in 1920s Germany, the world of celluloid has provided an enormous variety of inspiration for macabre costumes and fancy dress. From fantastical creations like witches and vampires to more plausible villains like maniacal chainsaw-wielders, we’ve seen an enormous variety of terrors on the silver screen.

The world of celluloid, as you might have guessed from the name of our website, is on which has provided much of the inspiration behind the costumes you’ll find here – and why not? Horror films, more than ever, are beloved by audiences across the globe – and their antagonists have caused many of us recurring nightmares. What better time to pay tribute to those iconic characters than with a realistic – and appropriately terrifying – Halloween costume?

Among our stock of filmic costumes you’ll find all of the classic slasher villains – from Jason to Freddie to the Jigsaw killer to the masked killer from the Scream films. The ladies among you needn’t despair – while most of the machete-wielding maniacs depicted in film are male, we still stock costumes to allow you, too, to become any one of the aforementioned celluloid murderers, should you so desire. Also in this section you’ll find a number of ghoulish medieval courtiers, including jesters, knights, executioners and lady-assassins, along with a demonic King. If you’re looking for some inspiration from the world of horror cinema, you’ll find it here.
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  1. Ladies Wednesday Addams Ladies Wednesday Addams New

    Ladies Wednesday Addams

    As low as £49.99 £59.99
  2. Universal Classic Frankenstein Costume Universal Classic Frankenstein Costume New

    Universal Classic Frankenstein Costume

    As low as £79.99 £99.99
  3. Ghost Face Bling Mask Ghost Face Bling Mask New

    Ghost Face Bling Mask

    £34.99 £39.99
    Out of stock
  4. Ghost Face Gold Mask Ghost Face Gold Mask New

    Ghost Face Gold Mask

    £16.99 £21.99
  5. Ghost Face 25th Anniversary Mask Ghost Face 25th Anniversary Mask New

    Ghost Face 25th Anniversary Mask

    £39.99 £49.99
  6. Ghost Face Bowie Knife Ghost Face Bowie Knife New

    Ghost Face Bowie Knife

    £9.99 £12.99
  7. Zombie Ghost Face Mask Zombie Ghost Face Mask New

    Zombie Ghost Face Mask

    £13.99 £16.99
  8. Scary Movie Masks Scary Movie Masks New

    Scary Movie Masks

    As low as £14.99 £19.99
  9. Ghost Face Chrome Mask Ghost Face Chrome Mask New

    Ghost Face Chrome Mask

    £16.99 £21.99
  10. Scream VI Ghost Face Mask Scream VI Ghost Face Mask New

    Scream VI Ghost Face Mask

    £14.99 £19.99
  11. Ghost Face Mask and Knife Ghost Face Mask and Knife New

    Ghost Face Mask and Knife

    £18.99 £25.99
  12. Dead By Daylight Scorched Ghost Face Dead By Daylight Scorched Ghost Face New

    Dead By Daylight Scorched Ghost Face

    As low as £79.99 £89.99
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