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Zombie Costumes for Ladies

What a lovely day we're having said no zombie EVER. Hollywood know that zombies have no time for pleasantries, only flesh eating, so we have devised a collection as repulsive as their nature. We've got Zombie schoolgirl costumes, Zombie nuns, Zombie PE Teacher outfits, Zombie Princesses and even an undead Dorothy complete with guts hanging out! Perfect if your destination is more graveyard than Emerald City.
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  1. Bloody Fairy with Wings Costume

    As low as £16.99 £24.99
  2. Zombie Corpse Bride Costume

    As low as £19.54 £24.99
  3. Zombie Blue Cheerleader Costume

    As low as £14.44 £18.99
  4. Zombie Pirate Wench T-Shirt Zombie Pirate Wench T-Shirt Sale

    Zombie Pirate Wench T-Shirt

    As low as £11.99 £24.99
  5. Bloody Hands Dress Costume

    As low as £16.99 £34.99
  6. Zombie Georgian Costume Zombie Georgian Costume Sale

    Zombie Georgian Costume

    As low as £29.99 £39.99
  7. Blood Drip Nurse Costume Blood Drip Nurse Costume Sale

    Blood Drip Nurse Costume

    As low as £18.99 £29.99
  8. Zombie Prisoner Lady

    As low as £11.04 Regular Price £12.99 £12.99
  9. Graveyard Zombie Bride Costume

    As low as £16.99 £24.99
  10. Zombie Sister Costume

    As low as £11.89 £17.99
  11. Zombie Jail Bird Costume Zombie Jail Bird Costume Sale

    Zombie Jail Bird Costume

    As low as £13.99 £24.99
  12. Zombie Bride Costume Zombie Bride Costume Sale

    Zombie Bride Costume

    As low as £12.99 £24.99