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Ladies Sexy Halloween Costumes

Here at Hollywood we sell a wide variety of different Halloween outfits; some are gruesome, others are creepy, some are innocent – while others are a little less so. If you’ve found your way to this section in search of something sexy to bring to whatever party you happen to have been invited to, then you’ve made the right decision.

In this section you’ll find all of the classic ladies costumes representing all of the favourites which are worn every Hallowe’en, like witches, mummies and sexy skeletons, all with a distinctly salacious twist. These pages also contain newer outfits which you might not have seen before, like pumpkins, mimes and even Halloween favourite Michael Myers. Fans of PVC and figure-hugging bodysuits will find themselves well at home browsing these pages!

As well as our sexy costumes, this section also contains all the extra items you’ll need to make the costume complete. Here you’ll find tights, stockings and leggings of all diabolical colours and styles – and if you’d prefer to display your legs, we have a range of tutus and hot pants to help you do just that!

So, if you’re looking to make things a little sexier this Hallowe’en, take a look through our selection!
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  1. Skelly Von Trap Costume Skelly Von Trap Costume Sale

    Skelly Von Trap Costume

    As low as £19.99 Regular Price £29.99 £29.99
  2. Fever Wicked Devil Costume

    As low as £40.99
  3. Fever Sexy Skeleton Costume Fever Sexy Skeleton Costume Sale

    Fever Sexy Skeleton Costume

    As low as £22.99 Regular Price £29.99 £34.99
  4. Fever Skeleton Tutu Costume Fever Skeleton Tutu Costume Sale

    Fever Skeleton Tutu Costume

    As low as £24.99 Regular Price £33.99 £39.99
  5. Zombie Convict Dress Costume Zombie Convict Dress Costume Sale

    Zombie Convict Dress Costume

    As low as £19.99 Regular Price £36.99 £39.99
  6. Zombie Nurse Costume SM-34132 Zombie Nurse Costume SM-34132 Sale

    Zombie Nurse Costume

    As low as £29.99 Regular Price £39.99 £39.99
  7. Zombie School Girl Costume Zombie School Girl Costume Sale

    Zombie School Girl Costume

    As low as £29.99 Regular Price £39.99 £39.99
  8. Purple Wicked Witch Costume

    As low as £29.99 £34.99
  9. Pussy Glamour Cat Costume

    As low as £19.99 £24.99
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Items 49-57 of 57

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