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Make Up for Halloween

The standard of Hallowe’en costumes has risen hugely in the past few years. Determined partygoers can now create looks that rival those once found in feature films – the same films from which so much Hallowe’en inspiration has been drawn! What is it about some Hallowe’en costumes which makes them so much more impressive than others?

In the vast majority of cases, the answer is simple – it’s the makeup. When it comes to creating a Hallowe’en costume, there are few tools as powerful and flexible. With just a few simple techniques and the right materials, you can create a look which will make you stand out from the Hallowe’en hordes of substandard spectres and lacklustre lycanthropes.

On these pages you’ll find false eyelashes, hairspray, glitter, brushes, face-paint, grease-proof cream and – of course – the indispensable liquid latex you’ll need to shape your features into something truly horrendous. We sell all of these items separately, but we also sell complete make-up kits which will give you everything you need to get your costume together. Take a look through our selection of Hallowe’en makeup and you’re sure to find exactly the tools necessary to make yourself as glamorous – or as grotesque – as the occasion demands.
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  1. Silver Star Face Jewels Silver Star Face Jewels New

    Silver Star Face Jewels

    £3.99 £5.99
  2. Green Skull Face Gems

    £3.99 £6.99
  3. Red Glitter Hairspray

    £2.50 £3.99
  4. Vampire Teeth With Blood

    £2.99 £3.99
  5. Fortune Teller Make Up Kit

    £12.99 £16.99
  6. Satanic Tattoo Transfers

    £2.99 £3.99
  7. Old Skool Theme Tattoos

    £1.50 £1.99
    Out of stock
  8. Good Luck Theme Tattoos

    £1.50 £1.99
    Out of stock
  9. Adhesive Skull Nails 12 Set

    £3.50 £3.99
  10. Deluxe Werewolf Zipper Kit Deluxe Werewolf Zipper Kit Sale

    Deluxe Werewolf Zipper Kit

    Special Price £7.99 Regular Price £9.99 £14.99
  11. Nosferatu Makeup Kit

    £6.99 £8.99
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