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Skeleton Costumes for Men

We've got a bone to pick with you we heard that you were thinking of dressing as a skeleton without checking this selection first! Madness! But fear not creatures of the night, because you found us and all the wonderful skeletal costumes we have to offer! Take a gander at our scary Skeleton Jumpsuit, Neon Skeleton Costumes, Skeleton King Outfits, the naughty Skeleboner costume and more scary masks than you can shake a bone at!
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  1. Skeleton Kit, Unisex

    £13.99 £19.99
  2. Day of the Dead Skeleton

    As low as £25.99
  3. Skeleton Formal Costume

    As low as £39.99 £49.99
  4. Day of the Dead Clown Costume Day of the Dead Clown Costume Sale

    Day of the Dead Clown Costume

    As low as £35.00 £39.99
  5. Skeleton Carry Me Costume

    As low as £49.99 £59.99
  6. Skeleton Piggyback Costume

    As low as £54.99 £59.99
  7. Day of the Dead Senor Skeleton Costume

    As low as £49.99 £56.99
  8. Skeleton Suit

    As low as £49.99 £56.99
  9. Day of the Dead Senor Bones Costume

    As low as £30.00 £49.99
  10. Day of the Dead Suit

    As low as £49.99 £59.99
  11. Witch Doctor Costume

    As low as £25.99 £29.99
  12. Ravin Skeletech Costume

    £28.99 £32.99
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