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Teeth and Fangs

We all know how important proper dentistry is. And where some Hallowe’en costumes are concerned, it’s especially so. After all, a vampire without sharp, pointy teeth would not really be a vampire at all. One could say exactly the same thing about a werewolf or a ghoul. In the case of some other costumes, the teeth might not seem to be so important – but, as ever, it’s the little touches which can make a costume extra special.

And vampires are not the only members of the walking dead to require a proper set of teeth – so too do zombies and Deliverance-style hillbillies. After all, it seems highly unlikely that modern standards of oral hygiene would survive a zombie apocalypse. A grisly mouthful of browning stumps is sure to horrify anyone who happens to make you laugh during the Hallowe’en festivities.

Our teeth come in variety of styles and qualities – from film-quality fangs, complete with adhesive putty, to metallic and coloured ones, we have the teeth to set your smile apart from those around you. Don’t let your costume become toothless – take a look through our varied selection of teeth, and find yourself some Hallowe’en dentures. You’re sure to find something to give your look the required bite.
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  1. Teeth FX, Animal

    Special Price £13.59 Regular Price £15.99 £18.99
  2. Teeth FX, Invasion

    Special Price £13.59 Regular Price £15.99 £18.99
  3. Teeth FX, Vampire

    Special Price £13.59 Regular Price £15.99 £18.99
  4. Zombie Teeth Paint and Blood Kit

    Special Price £11.04 Regular Price £12.99 £14.99
  5. Deluxe Scarecrow Spiral Fangs Deluxe Scarecrow Spiral Fangs Sale

    Deluxe Scarecrow Spiral Fangs

    Special Price £15.00 Regular Price £24.99 £24.99
  6. Old School Grills Denture Set

    Special Price £10.19 Regular Price £11.99 £14.99
  7. Love Bite Fangs

    Special Price £11.89 Regular Price £13.99 £18.99
  8. Glow in the Dark Dental Fix Fangs

    Special Price £13.59 Regular Price £15.99 £22.99
  9. Extra Long Sabre Fangs With Putty

    Special Price £16.14 Regular Price £18.99 £19.99
  10. Classic Deluxe Custom Vampire Fangs

    Special Price £11.89 Regular Price £13.99 £17.99