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Temple of Doom Costume Collection

Whilst we love classic Hallowe’en costumes like the witch, the skeleton and the zombie, it’s fair to say that we also like to occasionally mix things up a little with something a little more unusual. On this page you’ll find some of the bolder, more experimental offerings in our catalogue.

Here we pay tribute to the world of Ancient Egypt with the Temple of Doom collection from Smiffys. You’ll find a number of wildly-different costumes influenced by the art and culture of the world’s most significant civilisations. Whether you’re a serious scholar, or just someone who’s seen Stargate once or twice, you’ll find something to appreciate amongst this quartet of brilliant costumes, which evidence such creativity and attention to detail that anyone who wears them will stand apart from the usual Hallowe’en hordes.

The range includes something for both genders. Men can become Anubis, the jackal-headed god of all things grisly and funereal – from mummification to organ-weighing. Women, on the other hand, can become Bastet, the feline-faced war-deity. If you’d like something a little more historical, we have our Dark Cleopatra and Zombie Pharaoh costumes. Any of these costumes, of course, will perfectly complement any mummy costume another member of your party might have opted for. So what are you waiting for? Take a look through our stock today!

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  1. Egyptian Kit

    Egyptian Kit

    You Pay : £ 14.44

    Regular Price: £ 19.99

  2. Horus, God of the Sky Costume

    Horus, God of the Sky Costume

    You Pay : £ 36.54

    Regular Price: £ 46.99

  3. Goddess Nefertiti Costume

    Goddess Nefertiti Costume

    You Pay : £ 38.24

    Regular Price: £ 49.99

  4. Goddess Isis Costume

    Goddess Isis Costume

    You Pay : £ 33.14

    Regular Price: £ 46.99

  5. Dark Cleopatra Costume

    Dark Cleopatra Costume

    You Pay : £ 33.99

    Regular Price: £ 46.99

  6. Zombie Pharaoh Costume

    Zombie Pharaoh Costume

    You Pay : £ 38.24

    Regular Price: £ 49.99

  7. Anubis the Jackal Costume

    Anubis the Jackal Costume

    You Pay : £ 41.64

    Regular Price: £ 52.99

  8. Bastet the Cat Goddess Costume

    Bastet the Cat Goddess Costume

    You Pay : £ 33.99

    Regular Price: £ 44.99

8 items

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