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Masks and eyemasks to transform any fancy dress costume. Create the ultimate masquerade with our collection of beautiful eyemasks. Be transformed in an instant with our eye masks! Perfect as a finishing touch or as an instant dress up look. A great fun disguise we are sure you'll love being the belle of any masquerade ball ! Taking the market by storm and bringing only the highest quality super deluxe latex masks, Ghoulish have got nothing to groan about! From the most horrifying wounds to your favourite Horror Movie Characters, from the plain weird Funny Chin gang to the revoltingly realistic Mummy, from the tangled wire of the trenches where the ghastly Captain Lester lurks to the horns of satan himself, Ghoulish Productions are proud to present their latest and greatest Movie Line Offerings from the iconic screen legends we all love to hate or need to fear...
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  1. Unisex Gamer Mask Unisex Gamer Mask New

    Unisex Gamer Mask

    £7.99 £12.99
  2. Light Up Joker Clown Mask Light Up Joker Clown Mask New

    Light Up Joker Clown Mask

    £14.99 £15.99
  3. Silent Screamer Mask Silent Screamer Mask New

    Silent Screamer Mask

    £12.99 £15.99
  4. Hairy Silent Screamer Mask Hairy Silent Screamer Mask New

    Hairy Silent Screamer Mask

    £16.99 £19.99
  5. Pink Balaclava Ski Mask Pink Balaclava Ski Mask New

    Pink Balaclava Ski Mask

    £9.99 £15.99
  6. Black Balaclava Ski Mask Black Balaclava Ski Mask New

    Black Balaclava Ski Mask

    £8.99 £14.99
  7. Devil Balaclava Ski Mask Devil Balaclava Ski Mask New

    Devil Balaclava Ski Mask

    £9.99 £15.99
  8. Ghost Face Scream Slayer Kit Ghost Face Scream Slayer Kit New

    Ghost Face Scream Slayer Kit

    £24.99 £29.99
  9. Latex Pig Mask Latex Pig Mask New

    Latex Pig Mask

    £14.99 £19.99
  10. Day Of The Dead Mask Day Of The Dead Mask New

    Day Of The Dead Mask

    £8.99 £12.99
  11. Diabolical Boy Latex Mask Diabolical Boy Latex Mask New

    Diabolical Boy Latex Mask

    £19.99 £25.99
  12. Latex Alien Mask Latex Alien Mask New

    Latex Alien Mask

    £19.99 £25.99
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