Robin 2nd Skin Costume

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DC Classics Collection
Wherever Batman appears Robin will not be far behind. Sadly sometimes overshadowed but just as heroic and talented as the main man himself. This Robin 2nd Skin is a very striking and colourful version of a fun family favourite. The bold red, yellow, and green pieces look fantastic on. You will enter a room and naturally draw everyone’s focus to you in this classic costume. The utility belt detail, the stitching on the chest, and that classic R sign denoting Robin make this a really authentic and original costume. The second skin Robin costume fits the body comfortably. You can look, breathe and drink through the face mask without any hassle. So you can stay in character all night if you want to. Don’t forget to say ‘Holy____’ at some point because you can’t dress up as Robin and miss that opportunity. The jumpsuit, with detachable black cape, and removable hood, make it a very versatile costume. Be the world’s favourite sidekick in an instant in this second skin suit, a new twist on an old favourite. Available in sizes:- Medium (If you are shorter than 5'4" tall) Large (If you are between 5'4" - 5'10" tall) X Large (If you are between 5'10" - 6'3" tall).