Zombie Convict Costume

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Zombie Alley Collection
If a zombie apocalypse were to begin tomorrow, there would certainly be some people who’d fare better than others. If you happen to be stationed on the International Space Station, you might be alright – provided there are still people alive to bring you back down to earth. If, on the other hand, you’re a train conductor in the middle of Mumbai, your chances are a little bit weaker.

Toward the more unfortunate end of this spectrum are situated the world’s prisoners. One of the best tools at the disposal of any zombie survivor is the ability to run away from one’s pursuers. The prison environment just isn’t conducive to that – even if you bar yourself in your cell, you’ll have to come out eventually to eat. And in doing so you’ll probably put yourself on the menu!

This zombie convict costume is just what’s needed to get your Halloween party going. It consists of a classic black-and-white stripey shirt and trousers, along with a convict’s chain links. The shirt comes complete with some horrifically gory diseased flesh, modelled in latex. It’s sure to give your queasier friends something to think about! So if you’re looking for something to make and impact this Halloween, this costume’s exactly what’s required.