Zombie Death Row Male Costume

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Zombie Alley Collection
It’s quite difficult to come up with scary ideas for Halloween costumes year upon year, and yet somehow it just keeps happening. The humble zombie costume is probably the most fruitful of all of the Halloween fancy dress ideas we’ve come up with – the zombie, after all, comes in as many different forms as there are people in society. If there were to be a zombie apocalypse tomorrow, then no-one would be immune. There’d be zombie nurses and doctors, zombie police officers, zombie rocket scientists, and zombie sewage workers.

That’s one thing that you can say about zombies: they’re entirely non-discriminatory. They don’t care much about gender, ethnicity, religion or sexuality. If you’ve got brains, then they’re hungry. They’ll even spread their zombification to the prisons – to people who’ve committed serious crimes.

Well, now you can bring that terrifying image to life – and to your Halloween party of choice – with this hugely disturbing costume. It consists of an orange jumpsuit with a zip on the front, complete with blood spatters and detail of an exposed ribcage. Turn up wearing this and you’ll terrify everyone – death row inmates are, almost by definition, quite scary people. Can you imagine how much scarier one would be if they’d contracted a flesh-eating virus?