Zombie Dwarf Costume

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Zombie Alley Collection
Zombie costumes are one of the most classic Halloween costumes for men, you can make nearly every fancy dress costume zombified and bring it to life from the grave! We stock every type of zombie costume you could possibly imagine, turning your favourite fairy-tale creatures and characters into gruesome, deadly looking zombies. This zombie dwarf costume is inspired by one of the seven dwarfs from the snow-white fairy-tale fantasy, but its taken a twisted turn.

If you’ve always been tempted to secure yourself a snow-white costume this Halloween, and yet feel that none of the costumes are appropriately gruesome, then we have just the costume for you. Have you ever imagined what might have happened if the seven dwarf's had, instead of mining, dining and singing ‘hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to work we go’, had contracted a highly-contagious, mind-numbing, flesh-eating virus? We’d wager that the story would have turned out quite differently. It’s quite difficult to whistle while you work when your lips have fallen off.

Well, you need imagine no longer, because this zombie dwarf costume is here to help make that vision a reality. This fancy dress costume consists of a short-sleeved red top with blue waistcoat and orange trousers. The top and waistcoat are splattered with blood and detail ragged torn hems to give it that deathly look. The trousers have an elasticated wait, with one leg shorter than the other and torn ankles.

This horrifying zombie dwarf outfit is complete with a gory dwarf mask and a fury beard. The latex mask is slashed with blood to scare all your axe wounded victims. The fancy dress outfit is topped off with a classic blue dwarf hat as seen in snow white and the seven-dwarf fairy-tale…Now all you need to do is recruit six willing co-conspirators!