Zombie Ogre Costume

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Zombie Alley Collection
We can’t be alone in finding ‘Troll dolls’ to be intensely weird. There’s just something troubling about their permanently contented faces and bizarre haircuts. How can anything with such an outlandish hairstyle be so pleased with itself? Because something’s not right, that’s why. We don’t trust them. And neither, for that matter, should any of you.

If there’s one thing guaranteed to make a disturbing thing even more disturbing, it’s the addition of a few pints of spilled blood. It’s a formula that’s achieved horrifying results in Halloween costumes of the past, and this troll costume is no exception. It’s for this reason that we find this particular zombie fancy dress costume to be so unsettling. It comes with a blue, torn-up stripey top and matching trousers, along with a sinister mask and a green troll-style wig. Of all our men’s zombie costumes, this is surely among the creepiest.

Wear this at your next Halloween party and you’re sure to freak out your fellow partygoers. We look forward to the Troll film that Dreamworks have penned in for a 2016 release – if you intend to attend the premiere, then this is surely the only outfit in which to do so.