Fever Bed Side Nurse Costume, with Dress

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Fever Nurses Collection
Here at Hollywood, we stock a number of different scary, gruesome costumes. We stock a lot of more playful, sexy costumes as well. Whichever sort takes your fancy, we have one that will suit your tastes. Some of our favorites are those which tread that fine line between the two!

Of all the sexy fancy dress costumes in the world, the nurse is among the most popular. Why is this? Is it something to do with power and vulnerability? Is it simply because everyone likes to be nursed? Perhaps that’s a question we should leave the psychologists to ponder. All we know is that our range of sexy nurse costumes is a cut above the competition.

This ladies nurse outfit, from the Fever Nurses collection, is no exception. It's a little bit more reserved than some of the raunchier outfits we have on sale – but that doesn’t mean it won’t still turn heads! This sexy nurse outfit comes in classic white, with an attached underskirt belt and matching headpiece, adorned with the obligatory Red Cross.

Wear this and you're guaranteed to give whoever you meet a favorable impression of this noble profession – though perhaps not a realistic one.