Goddess Nefertiti Costume

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Tomb of Doom Collection
Here at Hollywood, we appreciate the classic Halloween costumes, and so you’ll find these pages filled with witches, vampires and ghosts. But we also like to keep things fresh every now and again and include some more unusual offerings. Of these, we particularly like the costumes inspired by the fashions and traditions of ancient Egypt.

Of our Egyptian fancy dress costumes, this one is among the more eye-catching. It’s inspired by Neferneferuaten Nefertiti, the chief consort of Akhenaten, a Pharaoh who ruled Egypt more than three thousand years ago. The costume features a long, blue, Egyptian style dress with a gold bust and trim. It also features the headpiece famously sported by a succession of Egyptian queens – which comes in matching blue and gold, and a fabulously ornate collar to match. Pair it with some of our eye-makeup, Egyptian-style bracelets and footwear, and you’ll have a costume worthy of a pharaoh.

Nefertiti fancy dress costumes aren’t yet a common sight at fancy dress parties, and so you can be reasonably sure that if you turn up sporting this stunning outfit, you’ll be alone in the endeavour. So go for something a little outside the ordinary this time, and pay tribute to this massively influential period of world history.