Goddess Isis Costume

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Tomb of Doom Collection
Here at Hollywood, we like to afford the classic Halloween costumes, like the witch, vampire and ghost, the respect that they deserve. But we also like to take influences from other places – and there are few more ripe sources of inspiration for Hallowe’en fun than the world of ancient religion.

Up until very recently, the word ‘Isis’ was used almost exclusively to refer to the ancient Egyptian goddess of marriage, health and wisdom. She is sister to Osiris, with whom she conceived the child Horus, who ended up having a falcon’s head instead of a human one, thereby providing the ancient Egyptians with a cautionary tale against having children with one’s siblings.

With this costume, Halloween partygoers can celebrate this crowning jewel of the Egyptian pantheon; Isis comes in appropriately multi-coloured splendour, complete with a dress which features red and gold and blue, in the style of ancient Egypt. The costume’s most impressive feature, however, is the pair of wings which sits just beneath the arms. Spread your arms and you’ll be able to display the wings of Isis, printed in gold, red and blue feathers which extend all the way to the cuffs.

So, if you’re feeling like something a little different this Hallowe’en, then why not try our Isis costume?