Deluxe Darth Vader Costume

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Star Wars Collection
This amazing deluxe Darth Vader costume is perfect for any Star Wars fan. It is a classic costume for any themed party whether it be a Star Wars, Movie or Sci-fi themed occasion. Darth Vader was once a heroic Jedi Knight that was slowly seduced by the dark side of the Force. He became a Sith Lord and commanded the Empire’s forces against the Jedi Order. He is known for his breathy, low voice and strikingly evil mask. The iconic black mask and red light saber define the ultimate villain of sci-fi. The legacy of Darth Vader is that he has become one of the most, if not in fact the most, talked about villains on the big screen of all time. The Darth Vader Costume is an excellent likeness to the movie version with material panels, silver strips, chest piece and boot tops recreating the formidable presence of the character we just love to hate. The costume comes complete with a black and grey jumpsuit with EVA moulded collar, belt, black boot tops, chest piece, long black cape and the iconic mask to complete the look. Available in sizes standard (UK Chest, 38"-42") and xlarge (UK Chest, 42"-46").