Ghost Town Indian Costume

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Ghost Town Collection
Ghosts, as everyone should know, are scary things. They’re therefore well represented at Halloween parties – and yet telling a good ghost story with a costume is remarkably difficult to do. Unlike the other sorts of undead you might find quaffing punch next to Jason Voorhees at the next spooky soiree, there’s little consensus on what a ghost should look like. In fiction, they’re often depicted as phantasmal shapes with billows of smoke instead of legs – or as perfectly ordinary-looking people in chillingly extraordinary context – like the two girls in the Shining.

Our Ghost Town range tells a story in costume from the old west – of a town where everyone, be they Native American or European American, is dead. How they came to be so is anyone’s guess, but the cause is unlikely to be old age – this was a time when the west was still wild, after all. This Indian costume represents one of the former, garbed in washed-out spectral grey. It comes with grey trousers with an eagle design in black, along with a headpiece with black-tipped white feathers. With this costume, you’ll be able to amaze and horrify all of your fellow revellers at the next Halloween party. If you’re looking for men’s Indian costumes, you’ll find few spookier than this one.