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1920s Accessories

Every 20s costume accessory that a Charleston chick and chappie could ever wish for to put the finishing touches to their costume. We've got feather boas, trilbies, guns, cigarette holders, braces and feather headbands left, right and centre! What more could you want - apart from a boat load of moonshine of course!
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  1. Steam Punk Pocket Watch Steam Punk Pocket Watch New

    Steam Punk Pocket Watch

    £8.99 £12.99
  2. Black Wool Gangster Trilby Hat Black Wool Gangster Trilby Hat New

    Black Wool Gangster Trilby Hat

    £6.99 £12.99
  3. Pearl Necklace 72 inches Pearl Necklace 72 inches New

    Pearl Necklace 72 inches

    £3.99 £5.99
  4. Tiffany Diva Kit Tiffany Diva Kit New

    Tiffany Diva Kit

    £12.99 £19.99
  5. Royal Blue Feather Boa 60g Royal Blue Feather Boa 60g New

    Royal Blue Feather Boa 60g

    £8.99 £12.99
    Out of stock
  6. Rainbow Feather Boa 60g Rainbow Feather Boa 60g New

    Rainbow Feather Boa 60g

    £8.99 £12.99
    Out of stock
  7. Black Birmingham Flat Cap Black Birmingham Flat Cap New

    Black Birmingham Flat Cap

    £9.99 £12.99
  8. Grey Birmingham Flat Cap Grey Birmingham Flat Cap New

    Grey Birmingham Flat Cap

    £9.99 £12.99
  9. Police Pistol 21cm Police Pistol 21cm New

    Police Pistol 21cm

    £5.50 £6.99
  10. Police Swat Pistol 27cm Police Swat Pistol 27cm New

    Police Swat Pistol 27cm

    £5.99 £8.99
  11. Flapper Disguise Kit Flapper Disguise Kit New

    Flapper Disguise Kit

    £5.99 £8.99
  12. Brown Birmingham Cap Brown Birmingham Cap New

    Brown Birmingham Cap

    £9.99 £12.99
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