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Ghost Ship and Ghost Town Range

It’s not unusual to find ghost costumes at a fancy dress party. Neither is it that uncommon to find cowboy or pirate costumes. Ghostly cowboys and pirates, however, are altogether rarer. Which seems to us an enormous wasted opportunity – after all, if medieval knights and seventies hoteliers should be required to return as ghosts, why shouldn’t cowboys and pirates?

In these two companion collections, we find the ghostly occupants of two settings. On the one hand we have the Ghost Ship collection, and on the other the Ghost Town line. The former’s focus lies with all things pirate-related. You’ll find swashbuckling ghouls alongside spectral seamen of every rank – form captain to lowly shipmate. The latter is concerned with a Ghost Town in the American Wild West – where cowboys and Indians haunt the plains!

In this range you’ll find the costumes necessary to transform oneself into such a spectre. The costumes here include the Phantom Sheriff, cursed never to be able to hand in his badge, and the Bar Keeper, cursed forever to serve his ghostly clientele room-temperature beer and whiskey cut with turpentine. All of these costumes feature the washed-out, colour-drained greyscale we all associate with ghosts. Slip into one and get haunting!
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12 Items

  1. Cemetery Doll Costume

    As low as £34.99 £36.99
  2. Haunted Bride Costume

    As low as £44.99 £46.99
  3. Grave Digger Costume

    As low as £14.99 £18.99
  4. Sexy Ghost Bride Costume Sexy Ghost Bride Costume Sale

    Sexy Ghost Bride Costume

    As low as £14.99 £24.99
  5. Shipwrecked Sweetie Costume Shipwrecked Sweetie Costume Sale

    Shipwrecked Sweetie Costume

    As low as £14.99 £32.99
  6. Ghostly Saloon Girl Costume Ghostly Saloon Girl Costume Sale

    Ghostly Saloon Girl Costume

    As low as £19.99 £42.99
  7. Ghost Ship Princess Costume

    As low as £36.99 £42.99
  8. Ghost Town Indian Wig

    £13.99 £16.99
  9. Ghost Ship Make Up Kit

    £4.99 £5.99
  10. Ghost Ship Ghoulina Costume

    As low as £39.99 £46.99
  11. Madame Voyage Costume Madame Voyage Costume Sale

    Madame Voyage Costume

    As low as £25.00 £39.99
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