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Skeleton Costumes

There are few costumes more classically Hallowe’en than the skeleton. It’s easy to see why – images of skulls and bones have long been associated with Halloween themes like death, destruction and terror. If ever you’ve seen a Halloween party depicted in a classic horror film from the 80s, the chances are that a skeleton costume will have featured somewhere – it’s a bona-fide, unmitigated classic.

Here at Hollywood, however, we’re not satisfied with simply offering up the same outfits that have been around for years – we like to go a step further and create something which will make a real impression of whatever party you happen to find yourself in this Halloween.

We therefore offer a range of different styles to help re-invigorate this classic formula. Our range stretches from the playful to the futuristic to the chilling and includes skeletal suits, bodysuits and tutus for you to choose from.

We even offer a costume which allows the wearer to become the Angel of Death himself – perhaps the most famous skeletal figure in all of fiction. What are you waiting for? Take a look through the selection and you’re sure to find something that will satisfy your tastes – whether you’re looking for something serious, or something that will tickle your funny bone.
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  1. Day of the Dead Poncho Costume

    As low as £16.99 £22.99
  2. Skeleton Kid's Costume

    As low as £14.44 £18.99
  3. Skeleton Day of the Dead Costume

    As low as £27.19 £34.99
  4. Mister Skeleton Suit Costume

    As low as £29.74 Regular Price £34.99 £36.99
  5. Men's Striped Bone Suit

    As low as £32.29 Regular Price £37.99 £37.99
  6. Adult Unisex Skeleton Onsie Costume

    As low as £16.99 £19.99
  7. Adult Let Me Go Skeleton Costume

    As low as £42.49 £49.99
  8. Let Me Go Kids Skeleton Costume

    As low as £36.54 Regular Price £42.99 £44.99
  9. Fortnite Adult Deluxe Skull Trooper Costume

    As low as £33.99 £49.99
  10. Fortnite Adult Skull Trooper Costume

    As low as £25.49 £36.99
  11. Fortnite Tween Skull Trooper Costume

    As low as £18.69 Regular Price £21.99 £34.99
  12. Lady Bones Costume

    As low as £25.49 £34.99