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Chucky Costumes for Halloween

The eighties was a brilliant time for horror films. They gave us A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Thing, The Fly, The Evil Dead and many more. Child’s Play is among the most iconic offerings of the glut of classics released during the latter half of the decade. Its cult appeal has proven so strong, in fact, that it has gone onto spawn six sequels – and thereby introduced a whole new generation to the terrifying little ginger menace that is its central antagonist, a doll named Chucky. Of course, this isn’t an ordinary doll – it’s one with a bad attitude and murderous intent – and one which surely had a negative impact on doll manufacturers over Christmas of ‘88.

Such is Chucky’s demonic appeal that he has gone on to acquire widespread notoriety even with people who haven’t seen the films. In spite of his diminutive stature, he has become a giant of the genre – one imitated hundreds of times but never bettered. We thought it would only be proper if we paid tribute to him, too, with our range of Child’s Play costumes. Using these, you can turn yourself into Chucky himself – or his bride (who, as every Child’s Play fan knows, featured in the fourth film).

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  1. Bride of Chucky Costume

    Bride of Chucky Costume

    You Pay : £ 40.79

    Regular Price: £ 49.99

  2. Ladies Chucky Halloween Costume

    Ladies Chucky Halloween Costume

    You Pay : £ 35.69

    Regular Price: £ 46.99

  3. Chucky Costume

    Chucky Costume

    You Pay : £ 50.99

    Regular Price: £ 59.99

  4. Chucky Overhead Mask

    Chucky Overhead Mask

    You Pay : £ 14.44

    Regular Price: £ 18.99

4 items

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