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Shrek Fancy Dress

Have a penchant for donkeys that won't shut up? Are you often described as hideous and scary? Do you like to live far, far away? Well then my monstrous friends, this is the section for you. Whether you see yourself more as a princess or an ogre, our Shrek fancy dress is ideal for starting the party, it's fun, fab and a favourite of everyone! For the damsels in distress we have a deluxe Princess Fiona Shrek costume and for the ogres of the world we stock a fabulously detailed Shrek outfit. Be sure to check out our green face paints too! As we like to say fancy dress is a bit like an onion -if it starts to smell you should probably chuck it out.

4 items

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  1. Shrek Princess Fiona Wig

    Shrek Princess Fiona Wig

    You Pay : £ 8.49

    Regular Price: £ 9.99

  2. Shrek Latex Mask

    Shrek Latex Mask

    You Pay : £ 12.74

    Regular Price: £ 14.99

  3. Shrek Costume

    Shrek Costume

    You Pay : £ 59.49

    Regular Price: £ 69.99

  4. Shrek, Fiona Costume

    Shrek, Fiona Costume

    You Pay : £ 50.99

    Regular Price: £ 59.99

4 items

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