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Pop and Rock Star Costumes

Take the party to the stars with our Pop and Rock Costumes, wigs and accessories inspired by the likes of the Blues Brothers, Elvis, The Beatles and Abba not to mention the official Kiss costumes and Freddie Mercury's Live Aid style outfit. Perfect for when you want to shake up the average party with a little rock and roll magic!
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  1. Party Men's Jacket Party Men's Jacket New

    Party Men's Jacket

    As low as £29.74 £39.99
  2. 80's Musician Costume 80's Musician Costume New

    80's Musician Costume

    As low as £19.54 £26.99
  3. 90s Rapper Costume 90s Rapper Costume New

    90s Rapper Costume

    As low as £19.54 £24.99
  4. Purple Rain Costume Purple Rain Costume New

    Purple Rain Costume

    As low as £22.94 Regular Price £26.99 £29.99
  5. Aerobics Girl Costume Aerobics Girl Costume New

    Aerobics Girl Costume

    As low as £19.54 £24.99
  6. Rap Idol Costume Rap Idol Costume New

    Rap Idol Costume

    As low as £16.99 £24.99
  7. Queen Deluxe "Royal" Costume Queen Deluxe "Royal" Costume New

    Queen Deluxe "Royal" Costume

    As low as £49.29 £63.99
  8. Ladies Scary Power Costume Ladies Scary Power Costume New

    Ladies Scary Power Costume

    As low as £37.39 Regular Price £43.99 £43.99
  9. Ladies Sporty Power Costume Ladies Sporty Power Costume New

    Ladies Sporty Power Costume

    As low as £18.69 Regular Price £21.99 £21.99
  10. Ladies Posh Power Costume Ladies Posh Power Costume New

    Ladies Posh Power Costume

    As low as £28.04 £32.99
  11. Ladies Baby Power Costume Ladies Baby Power Costume New

    Ladies Baby Power Costume

    As low as £24.64 Regular Price £28.99 £28.99
  12. Men's Zombie Singer Costume

    As low as £21.24 £24.99