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Victorian Costumes

Turn back Big Ben to the time of Dickens and encounter the personalities that walked the streets of old London town. Be it as elementary as Sherlock Holmes or as soberly challenged as the Tavern Wenches, our Tales of Old England range is perfect for illustrious characters from the 19th century! We're confident you'll find what your time travelling for !
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  1. Napoleon Mens Costume Napoleon Mens Costume New

    Napoleon Mens Costume

    £29.74 £36.99
  2. Steampunk Skirt Steampunk Skirt New

    Steampunk Skirt

    £19.54 £24.99
  3. Brown Steampunk Shirt Brown Steampunk Shirt New

    Brown Steampunk Shirt

    £16.14 £19.99
  4. Madame Steampunk Costume Madame Steampunk Costume New

    Madame Steampunk Costume

    £46.74 £59.99
  5. Steampunk Crinoline Petticoat Steampunk Crinoline Petticoat New

    Steampunk Crinoline Petticoat

    £14.44 £18.99
  6. Beige Steampunk Shirt Beige Steampunk Shirt New

    Beige Steampunk Shirt

    £16.14 £19.99
  7. Steampunk Black Waistcoat Steampunk Black Waistcoat New

    Steampunk Black Waistcoat

    £16.14 £19.99
  8. Steampunk Renegade Costume Steampunk Renegade Costume New

    Steampunk Renegade Costume

    £25.49 £34.99
  9. Steampunk Vicky (Hoop Skirt) Costume Steampunk Vicky (Hoop Skirt) Costume New

    Steampunk Vicky (Hoop Skirt) Costume

    £48.44 £59.99
  10. Steampunk General Costume Steampunk General Costume New

    Steampunk General Costume

    £46.74 £59.99
  11. Steampunk Victorian Lady Costume Steampunk Victorian Lady Costume New

    Steampunk Victorian Lady Costume

    £29.74 £39.99
  12. Steampunk Trousers Steampunk Trousers New

    Steampunk Trousers

    £16.99 £22.99