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Comical and Funny Costumes

Nothing splits a rib quite like dressing as a giant Whoopee Cushion! Or perhaps you'd get more of a chuckle if you went as a giant banana? Or for the more Avant Garde we present the now iconic Borat Mankini! Still not enough? Chillax. Plenty more revealing and comic costumes in store.
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  1. Christmas Carrot Costume Christmas Carrot Costume New

    Christmas Carrot Costume

    As low as £22.09 £29.99
  2. Christmas Turkey Leg Costume Christmas Turkey Leg Costume New

    Christmas Turkey Leg Costume

    As low as £18.69 £25.99
  3. Christmas Parsnip Costume Christmas Parsnip Costume New

    Christmas Parsnip Costume

    As low as £22.09 £29.99
  4. Drag Queen Costume Drag Queen Costume New

    Drag Queen Costume

    As low as £39.09 £46.99
  5. Adult Piggyback BoJo Costume Adult Piggyback BoJo Costume New

    Adult Piggyback BoJo Costume

    As low as £44.19
  6. Adult Big Willy Man Costume Adult Big Willy Man Costume New

    Adult Big Willy Man Costume

    As low as £33.99 £45.99
  7. Men's Willyman Superhero Costume Men's Willyman Superhero Costume New

    Men's Willyman Superhero Costume

    As low as £33.99 £45.99
  8. Unicorn Rainbow Onesie Costume Unicorn Rainbow Onesie Costume New

    Unicorn Rainbow Onesie Costume

    As low as £24.64 £29.99
  9. Poo Onesie Costume Poo Onesie Costume New

    Poo Onesie Costume

    As low as £21.24 £26.99
  10. Weed Suit Weed Suit New

    Weed Suit

    As low as £33.99 £44.99
  11. Gorilla Inflatable Costume Gorilla Inflatable Costume New

    Gorilla Inflatable Costume

    As low as £59.49 £76.99