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Comedy and Clown Costumes

Knock, knock! Who's there? Only the funniest costumes in the south! From the cartwheeling Clowns to full on bananas, The Simpsons to Austin Powers, Baby! We've got more mirth than a weekend with Michael McIntyre! So turn that frown upside down and get your squeaky sweet clown feet down to our store!
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  1. Unisex Piggyback Comrade Costume Unisex Piggyback Comrade Costume New

    Unisex Piggyback Comrade Costume

    £33.99 £45.99
  2. Men's Deluxe Ringmaster Costume Men's Deluxe Ringmaster Costume New

    Men's Deluxe Ringmaster Costume

    £25.49 £35.99
  3. Ride on Flamingo Deluxe Costume

    £59.49 £79.99
  4. Men's Gnome Costume Men's Gnome Costume New

    Men's Gnome Costume

    £16.99 £22.99
  5. Adult Stingray Costume Adult Stingray Costume New

    Adult Stingray Costume

    £25.49 £32.99
  6. Adult Palm Tree Costume Adult Palm Tree Costume New

    Adult Palm Tree Costume

    £25.49 £32.99
  7. Men's Deluxe Knife Thrower Costume Men's Deluxe Knife Thrower Costume New

    Men's Deluxe Knife Thrower Costume

    £25.49 £32.99
  8. Ladies Deluxe Ringmaster Costume Ladies Deluxe Ringmaster Costume New

    Ladies Deluxe Ringmaster Costume

    £25.49 £35.99
  9. Adult Gnome Toadstool Costume Adult Gnome Toadstool Costume New

    Adult Gnome Toadstool Costume

    £24.64 £32.99
  10. Men's Deluxe Strongman Costume Men's Deluxe Strongman Costume New

    Men's Deluxe Strongman Costume

    £25.49 £35.99
  11. Piggyback Nun Costume Piggyback Nun Costume New

    Piggyback Nun Costume

    £33.99 £45.99