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Weapons Knives Axes Tridents

Have you ever taken a look in the mirror after dressing for Hallowe’en and thought that something was missing? The chances are, you just needed to accessorise a little. A Hallowe’en costume can be improved endlessly with the addition of the right prop. Since Hallowe’en is a celebration of all that is terrifying, it follows that a few of you will be dressing as the sort of monster who might wield an axe, a knife or a chainsaw – complete with that classic Evil Dead-style revving sound effect. Groovy.

We stock a large variety of different sorts of weapon – from Viking-style axes and other battle-ready implements to the rusty hacksaw your average deranged maniac might keep handy in his shed. In this section, you’ll find everything that can point, pierce and maim – in the name of riotous good fun, of course. These include cleavers, stained with dried blood; hellish pitchforks and tridents; along with more elaborate, specific items, like the set of surgical tools from the first Hellraiser film, modelled on screen by Butterball, the most memorably obese of the cenobites.

And so if you costume appears to lack a certain prop, then be sure to take a look through our range of weapons – if you’ll forgive us for saying so, they’re all cutting edge!
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  1. Horror Knives Assorted Horror Knives Assorted New

    Horror Knives Assorted

    £5.09 £6.99
  2. Horror Shovel 67cm Horror Shovel 67cm New

    Horror Shovel 67cm

    Special Price £5.94 Regular Price £6.99 £8.99
  3. Horror Machete 53cm Horror Machete 53cm New

    Horror Machete 53cm

    Special Price £5.09 Regular Price £5.99 £6.99
  4. Skull Chainsaw 53cm Skull Chainsaw 53cm New

    Skull Chainsaw 53cm

    Special Price £21.24 Regular Price £24.99 £26.99
  5. Pickaxe 49cm Pickaxe 49cm New

    Pickaxe 49cm

    Special Price £5.94 Regular Price £6.99 £8.99
  6. Devil Trident 112cm Devil Trident 112cm New

    Devil Trident 112cm

    Special Price £4.24 Regular Price £4.99 £6.99
  7. Skull Detachable Scythe Skull Detachable Scythe New

    Skull Detachable Scythe

    Special Price £4.24 Regular Price £4.99 £6.99
  8. Captain America Mens Endgame Shield Captain America Mens Endgame Shield New

    Captain America Mens Endgame Shield

    Special Price £16.99 Regular Price £19.99 £24.99
  9. Aquaman Trident Aquaman Trident New

    Aquaman Trident

    Special Price £16.99 Regular Price £19.99 £18.99
  10. Bloody Surgical Saw Bloody Surgical Saw New

    Bloody Surgical Saw

    Special Price £6.79 Regular Price £7.99 £9.99
  11. Maces of Fury Nunchucks (66cm) Maces of Fury Nunchucks (66cm) New

    Maces of Fury Nunchucks (66cm)

    Special Price £7.64 Regular Price £8.99 £12.99
  12. Pick Axe (47cm) Pick Axe (47cm) New

    Pick Axe (47cm)

    Special Price £10.19 Regular Price £11.99 £14.99